Dr.Tech is based on the concept of "English x programming" with the concept that children will have fun learning skills that are considered to be needed in the future between the ages of 10 and XNUMX who have a soft brain. We are developing classrooms with "× Money Literacy" as the content.

Would you like to start a "teacher" for local children?
Why don't you make use of your free time and place for "education"?
Do you not make "social contribution" with a sense of mission?

If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.


(Reference) Frequently asked questions during the briefing session

1 The classroom is thinking of a place to rent.Do I need to make a contract by the time of the site visit for the second interview?
Please only check if it can be used as a classroom.You don't need a contract yet.
2 I have no idea how to recruit students.Can you give me a consultation?
Yes, of course.We will proceed while thinking together about the method that seems to be the most effective depending on the area.
3 It says that the areas do not overlap, but are there any specific criteria?
There is no quantified standard, but we will manage so that there are no multiple classrooms within the range that your child can attend.
4 How many students should I get together?
It depends on the balance of expenses, etc., so please contact us at the stage of creating the "income and expenditure plan".
5 When is the initial cost payment timing?
It will be after the final process "Unofficial decision".Once the payment is confirmed, the schedule for training etc. will be adjusted.